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Unhealthy ingredients in standard ice cream

The reason to create a healthier choice of a frozen dessert and what truly pushed me of doing so as my family loves frozen desserts was all these unwanted and not needed unhealthy ingredients in any ice cream you buy off the shelf in a grocery store as e.g. 1. Wheat flour contains gluten, 2. Thiamine mononitrate is a synthetic version, 3. Palm or Canola oil, 4. Alkali is a chemical compound, 5. Baking Soda, 6. Salt, 7. Vegetable gum is a thickening agent, 8. Soy Lecithin is an artificial emulsifier, 9. Mono and Diglycerides contain trans fats.

Marion’s Gelato is using the freshest, organic and finest quality ingredients ideal for a healthy diet.

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