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Choose your favorite Gelato or Gelato Cake

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Marion's Gelato modern display case

Marion's Gelato is able to cater any of your

event needs using this classic

and modern display case.


Gelato Market Stand

Make your Birthday Party, Wedding, Bridal or Baby-shower a very special event by adding

Marion's Gelato Market Stand.

Gelato served in 8 oz. containers.


Marion's Gelato Custom Order

Marion's Gelato is available in a 2.5 l pan (equals 85 ounces) for approximately 25 servings and can be customized with any 2-3 flavors of your choice.


Marion's Gelato Delivery

Marion's Gelato is delivering any of your favorite Gelato right to your door!

Marion's Gelato loves

to make any of your days special.


You can choose any of
Marion's Gelato flavors.

Pictured is from left to right Navel Orange, Chocolate, Lemon and Tiramisu in 4 liter pans.

You can also split each pan with two flavors each.


Marion's Gelato Buffet-Style Set up

Marion's Gelato can host any corporate luncheon or any event gelato buffet style up to 300 people. Marion's Gelato is being served in cups or cones and any toppings of your choice can be added. Featured is from left to right Marion's Chocolate, Lemon, Cookies & Cream, Raspberry and Cantaloupe Gelato.


Marion's Tasting Event

Marion's Gelato is available in small 2 oz. container perfect for tasting parties.

Please contact for any request.
Thank you very much!


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