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Marion’s Gelato extended order deadline until today December 1st!

Marion’s Gelato is blessed to have customers like you and appreciate you all so much!

Thank you for all the orders. It’s being worked on and be in touch once your order is ready to schedule delivery!

@marions_gelato is extending the order deadline for today December 1st!

Marion’s Gelato customizes your order in 3 different sizes; 8 oz./ 16 oz. and 2.5 l pan family size.

Marion’s Gelato offers a variety of all natural and vegan flavors made with love!

Featured is top left Marion’s Gelato Dark Italian Chocolate, all vegan Blueberry and all vegan and sugar free Chocolate Pecan & Date flavor below. Top right is Marion’s Gelato pan size with all natural Stracciatella, Salted Caramel Pecan and all vegan Raspberry flavor below.

You can place your order on my website at

Marion’s Gelato is wishing you a continuous Merry Holiday season!

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