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In it to win it!

Good morning y’All😉, I truly made it into the Top 5 of my group and cannot believe it. My network is not huge and as this contest for the Favorite Chef 2024 has nothing really to do with cooking and is all based on your daily votes, I am flattered (sehr gerührt) of the participation in voting for me. Believe me, I got swamped with vote providers to cast votes for me and of course it is tempting, but it is also cheating and I don’t like cheating and lying! Therefore I am even more thrilled that only my people put me in that position today. Anyhow I am thankful and blessed for you to vote for me as not just because it would be an honor to cook with Chef Carla Hall as it would help Marion’s Gelato tremendously. The upcoming Mobile Gelateria is not the end of the line as there is so much more to come. Thank you All again and keep on happily voting for me

Check out for further information!

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