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Enjoy Marion’s Gelato Mint Flavors!

Two more days to get your Marion’s Gelato’s Holiday order in!

Marion’s Gelato customizes your order in 3 different sizes; 8 oz./ 16 oz. and 2.5 l pan family size.

Marion’s Gelato offers a variety of all natural and vegan Mint flavors from Mint Chocolate Chip made with folded in Italian dark chocolate, to the winter holiday flavor White Chocolate Peppermint Bark made with Italian white peppermint bark and milk chocolate swirl and the all vegan Strawberry Mint flavor.

All Marion’s Gelato flavors are all natural without any aromas, artificial flavors, and preservatives. The mint is extracted from the fresh mint leaf!

You can place your order on my website at by November 30th in order to be delivered for your festivities as Marion’s Gelato is closing for the Holidays!

Marion’s Gelato is wishing you a continuous Merry Holiday season!

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